I have graduated, so my academic website has moved! The URL cnewstead.co.uk will redirect to my current website.

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Cubical sets. I once made some notes on cubical sets; you can download them here (last updated: 2013-11-26). In the time since I made these notes, much more research has been done on cubical sets and other cubical topics—see here, here, here, here and here, for example.

Topos Theory. In case it's of any use to future sufferers, I am keeping the web page online for the 2012–13 Part III Topos Theory course.

Lecture notes. During my time at Cambridge a typed up two sets of lecture notes, which I have made available here. Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

Representation Theory. Cambridge, Part III, Lent Term 2013. Lectured by S. Martin.
Lecture notesTeX source
Number Fields. Cambridge, Part II, Lent Term 2012. Lectured by T. A. Fisher.
Lecture notes (without proofs)

Essay. My Part III essay was entitled Permutation Models for Set Theory and was written under the supervision of Thomas Forster. It explores some of the quirks that appears when you admit atoms into your theory of sets. You can download it here.


STOR-i Doctoral Training Centre at Lancaster University, where I worked during summer 2011 under the supervision of Giorgos Sermaidis and Paul Fearnhead. My project was entitled Parametric Inference for Missing Data Problems. Here are links to my poster and presentation (PDF).