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Contact info

Email. The best way to get hold of me is by sending an email to cnewstead-at-cmu-dot-edu.

Office. Wean Hall 8205.


SemesterCourse codeCourse nameRole
Summer II 201521-127Concepts of MathematicsInstructor
Spring 2015Studying for qualifying exam; no teaching.
Fall 201421-259Calculus in Three DimensionsTA
Fall 2014 (Mini 1)21-490Undergraduate seminarTA
Summer I 201421-256Multivariate AnalysisInstructor
Spring 201421-127Concepts of MathematicsTA
Fall 201321-120Differential and Integral CalculusTA

In case you were wondering...

I'm a second-year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. I did my other degrees at Cambridge (Robinson College). My academic interests lie in category theory, topology and logic; I'm currently trying to learn all there is to learn about homotopy type theory.