Research interests

As an undergraduate student I got tangled up with liquid crystals and knotted fields under the supervision of Gareth Alexander. Now as a graduate student I am juggling epsilons and deltas, and interested in applying tools from mathematical analysis to questions inspired by the physical sciences. In particular, under the supervision of Ian Tice, I am currently working on free-boundary problems arising from fluid mechanics.

More precisely, I am interested in the nonlinear stability analysis of viscous surface waves and complex fluids, studying ferrofluids or the effects of surfactants (here's a fun example of what surfactants can allow you to do: 'soap-powered' boat races!)



  1. A. Remond-Tiedrez and I. Tice, The viscous surface wave problem with generalized surface energies [ arxiv, pdf ]



  1. Dec. 2019: Instability of a non-isotropic micropolar fluid (SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, La Quinta)


  1. Jul. 2019: The viscous wave problem with generalized surface energies (Equadiff, Leiden)
  2. Feb. 2019: Viscous surface waves with generalized surface energies (SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Spokane)
  3. Apr. 2018: Decay of surface waves (Graduate Student Seminar Mini-Conference, Carnegie Mellon University)
  4. May 2017: Viscous surface waves and their stability (Summer School on Mathematical Fluids, University of Southern California)


Summer 2018: Concepts of Mathematics

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In the summer of 2018 I taught "Concepts of Mathematics" to high school students participating in the Advanced Placement / Early Admission (AP/EA) program.


Email: aremondt-at-andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu
Office: Wean Hall 7106